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Welcome to Fix Designs.  We stock an amazing range of designs that can be cut from Felt, and Chipboard (Boxboard) and other products (see custom cuts).  We hope you enjoy looking at our designs, and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or special requests.    

Bazzill Cutout - Frame Flower
$ 7.25

A gorgeous photo frame with a flower design.
Fits a 6 x 4 photo.
Measures 140 x 195mm.
Available in all bazzill colours.
There are other designs in this range check my other listings.

Card Cutouts - Art Nouveau Set
$ 5.95

Art Nouveau Set
Large 130mm x 120mm
Flowers 95mm x 20mm

Decoration kits - Star
$ 12.95
Star/tree! Fun and easy ‘no stitch’ kit, great for holiday fun for the kids!
This kit makes 1 star and 1 tree felt decoration.
Finished decorations measure approx 100mm in height.


Felt - Birds ‘on a wire’
$ 3.50
Set of 4 felt birds.Designed to sit on a wire or fence.
Birds are approximately 30mm - 60mm (1.2 - 2.4 inches) high.
Available in all felt colours.

All felt colours available.

Felt - Cats
$ 5.95
Three lovely cats cut from acylic felt (eyes are also cut out).
Each cat is approximately 60 mm (2 1/2 inches) high.

All felt colours available (see colour chart on materials tab)

Felt - Concrete Truck
$ 5.95

A wee concrete truck cute in yellow and black felt. has a cute ladder on the side.

All parts are seperate.

Measures 110 x 60mm.

I also have a dozer, dump truck, digger, forklift and loader.

And these also come in sets of 3.

Yellow and black

Felt - Rainbow Flower Packs -minis
$ 5.95

36 rainbow assortment of MINI felt flowers (these fellas are small!)
You get 3 flowers in each of the 12 colours.
Flowers in the pack come in 3 sizes20mm (3/4"), 15mm (1/2") and 8mm(1/4") and a variety of 6 different petal shapes. Packs will vary slightly.

Also comes in a large pack.


Felt - Super mini butterflies - brights
$ 5.95
24 teeny weeny butterflies made from a rainbow assortment of 12 colours.
Each butterfly is between 10 and 20mm wide (3/8" - 3/4") perfect for tiny crafting!


Felt - Tinny Fishing Boat
$ 7.25

This set is a typical Kiwi tinny fishing boat and motor, rods, anchor and rope.


All cut from fine felt.




Boat measures140 mm x 60mm.

Motor measures 50mm x 23mm

Rods measure 80mm long

Anchor measures 35mm x 30mm.


Perfect for those boys toys themes.

Felt - Train and Carriages
$ 5.95

This set has a train and 3 carriages. Cut in felt.
Train measures 135mm x 25mm.
Carriages measure 50mm x 25mm.
Available in all felt colours.

Fine Felt - Mini Hearts - Pastel mix 200
$ 9.25
Mini hearts cut in fine felt .200 per pack in pastel colours.
Ideal as table scatters.
Each heart is 10mm x 10mm.
Also available in a rainbow mix.
We can custom pack any colour, size or quantity, just contact us.

Light Blue, Pink, Apricot, Yellow, Cream,lilac., green.

Fine felt - Photo filmstrip mini.
$ 5.95
This set has two film-strips with four panels in each cut from acrylic felt. Overall measurement is 290mm x 55mm. Each frame measures 64mm x 32mm. Comes with photo template. Shown in red. Available in a larger size and a mini 2 frame set. we can cut this in either felt or bazzill card, just contact us.
All felt colours

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